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Home Staging

This is now one of the most important factors to be considered when selling a house.  Marshall Properties offers an excellent service which will transform a property and ensure its wider appeal and increase its selling price.

Below are just a few examples of properties showing the benefits of Home Staging completed by Marshall Properties.  Some changes are quite modest and inexpensive.  Others are certainly more dramatic.  Most purchasers cannot see any potential in a poorly presented house. Home Staging by Marshall Properties ensures that the property will be viewed favourably and the resultant selling price hugely improved.  Repeat: hugely improved.    

Contact Marshall Properties for further details on how to maximise the selling price of your property.

Clyde Sitting Before
Completed room after renovations supervised by Marshall Properties.
Clyde Sitting After
The same room Staged to a luxurious standard.
Clyde Through View Before
Before Staging we see the completed renovation works which were designed and supervised by Marshall Properties.
Clyde Through View After
The same room Staged for the Selling Campaign.
Clyde Family Before
A fine big, bright and spacious room after renovations designed and supervised by Marshall Properties.
Clyde Family After
Here we see definition being given to the living room portion of the room where up to 8 people can be seated.
Rowanbyrn Before Dressing Living
A good living room a in traditonal family home in need of some pzazz.
Rowanbyrn Living After Dressing
The same room after Marshall Properties injected some pzazz!
Rowanbyrn Before Dressing Dining
A fine big room - but a little bit lifeless.
Rowanbyrn Dining After
Here we see the dining area furnished with original oil paintings etc which defines the area and brings life to this room.
Rowanbyrn Study Before
Ex rental property - dull and unappealing.
Rowanbyrn Study After
Staged for the Selling Campaign to create a warmer atmosphere where the room appears larger than before.
Clyde Master Bed before
After completion of renovation works - simple and undestated.
Clyde Master Bed After
After Staging we see the purpose and scope of the room.
Collins Kitchen before
A shabby ex rental property in need of improvement prior to marketing.
The same room refitted and Staged which ensured a prompt sale at a much higher selling price than the cost of the improvements. In fact, our efforts ensured a much higher price than anyone had expected.
Rowanbyrn Guest Bedroom Before
Ex rental property in need of some TLC before the Selling Campaign.
Rowanbyrn Guest Bedroom After
The same room showing its spaciousness and confirming that a double bed would fit in.
Dun Wood Living 1 Before
An ex rental property before Staging.
Dun Wood Living 1 After
The same room, cleaned and injected with some colour and personality. Selling price achieved was hugely over what had been hoped for!
Dun Wood Living 2 Before
Ex rental before Staging.
Dun Wood Living 2 After
After Staging. Very simple but very effective.
Collins Back Double Before
A very grubby ex rental - seriously off putting.
Collins Back Double After
The same room after some relatively inexpensive Staging, looking much more appealing.
Dun Wood Baby Bed Before
An ex rental property looking a bit dreary.
Dun Wood Baby Bed After
The same room injected with colour to show it as a child's bedroom.
Dun Wood Guest Bedroom Before
Small room with no hope of accessing the bed properly and with no space for even a bedside table?
Dun Wood Guest Bedroom After
After Staging we see easy access to a double bed which confirmed this room as a usable double bedroom.
Rowanbyrn Before Kitchen
A cramped kitchen with no space for a table in a 4 bedroom house.
Rowanbyrn Kitchen 2 After
After Staging and a re-design by Marshall Properties, we see clealry how 4 people can now dine in the kitchen.
Rowanbyrn Master Before Dressing
A plain master bedroom in need of some TLC before the Selling Campaign.
Rowanbyrn Master After Dressing
The same room, now looking much more welcoming, after simple Staging.
Collins Living Before
An ex rental after years of neglect.
Collins Living After
The same room after Staging.
Collins Master Before
A not so much loved former rental property! Try selling the house looking like this!
Collins MasterAfter
The same room after a thorough cleaning, some inexpensive decor and Staging.
Collins Stairs Before
A not so attractive first impression.
Collins Stairs After
The same entrance now creating a very much better first impression.
70 Collins Kitchen Before Dressing
Kitchen before Staging.
70 Collins Kitchen After Dressing
The same room after Staging. Far from expensive but very effective.
70 Collins Living Before Dressing
Before Staging - Downright off-puting.
70 Collins Living After Dressing
Same room after Staging - now ready for the Selling Campaign. (We just needed to place the t.v. on the glass stand in the corner.)
70 Collins Living 2 Before Dressing
Before Staging - halfway through preparatory works.
70 Collins Living 2 After Dressing
Same room after Staging - looking much more appealing.
Oak Living Before
Large, west facing, living room decorated in neutral tones for the rental market.
Oak Living After
Furnished to offer maximum utility as a living room / dining room with space for a wall mounted tv and a there is also a glass desk across window offering study space.
Oak Living 2 Before
Another view of this spacious living room.
Oak Living 2 After
Large, Art Deco style, mirrors add glamour while bouncing light and go well with the edged rug and the piping on the dining chairs.
Oak Master Bed Before
Good master bedroom with neutral decor and solid wood flooring.
Oak Master Bed After
Bedroom staged with large double bed with huge mirror opposite.
Oak Kitchen Before
Smart, bringt and spacious eat-kitchen with west facign window. High gloss white units bounce light and are easy to mix and match accessories with.
Oak Kitchen After
Simple, clear glass table and clear acrylic chairs take up little space visually but are very practical.
Oak Guest Bed Before
Large guest bedroom.
Oak Guest Bed After
Simple staging with large double bed and bedside chests. Bedside lamps backed with a pair of large mirrors.

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